We’re happy to help!

We can make fund raising easier for your non-profit and not-for-profit organizations!

We want to help you! Below you’ll find several ways we can partner together. Or if you prefer, you may make a request for a product donation below if your organization is an IRS-qualified 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Product donation requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

Gift Certificate Program: We’ll give you special $3 gift certificates with your organization’s name for however many people are in your program. Your members each receive $3 off any purchase they make and in addition, we will donate 15% of those sales back to your group. Your members will have two weeks to use the certificates and we will mail you a check at the end of that 2 weeks.

After Hours Event:
Your group can have a fun evening party on a date that fits both of our schedules after closing hours. We will donate 20% of the total sales that night to your group. You can encourage as many people as you like to come and even have give-aways for the first 50 people, etc. That part is up to you. The more excitement you generate, the more people will come, and the more your group will make.

Sell Admission Tickets!
Take pre-orders for admission tickets to Paulus PlayLand which includes pedal karts, rat rollers, tube slides, duck races, little log houses, hippity hops, apple binazium, playground, rope spider web, tether ball, corn shed, jumbo checkers, dress the scarecrow, and in the fall: an inflatable, corn maze, and cow train. Collect the money for the tickets ($7/ticket) and turn in your order form and payment. We will give you a check made out to your organization ($2 for every ticket sold) and admission tickets that are good for the remainder of the current season. We require a commitment to sell at least 50 tickets to receive a check for your organization.

Fruit Sales:
You take advance orders from your friends and family for peaches or apples (1/4 and 1/2 peck are most common size and biggest area of profit for you). We will provide you with the crates of fruit as well as the drawstring bags for you to package the orders.
You sell the fruit at retail cost (or even slightly higher to increase your profit) and we sell you the fruit at wholesale cost. Minimum order is 10 crates of fruit.

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