Farm Policies

Pick-Your-Own Fruit

Before Picking

Confirm availability prior to visiting by checking our “What’s Available” page or calling ahead.

Limit the size of picking parties to small groups from the same household (including children). Larger parties may be split into smaller groups for picking.

Check-in at our picking station prior to entering the apple orchard and/or pumpkin patch.

While Picking

Please do not eat fruit in the fields. You should wash all fruit at home prior to consuming it.

Please do not throw any fruit on the ground. Any fruit you or your children pick should be placed in your picking container.

Please pick in the areas that are labeled with the fruit name. Not all fruit is ripe at the same time so if the row is not labeled it is not ready to be picked.

Please be kind to our trees. Do not climb the trees or shake the branches.

Please exit the fields once you fill your containers so we can allow others to enter.

Some General Rules

Dogs or other pets are not allowed on the orchard. Service dogs are permitted.

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted.

Smoking or vaping is not allowed on our property.

Grilling, fireworks, incense, or open flames are all fire hazards and not allowed.

No trespassing. All of our orchards are private property; grounds, buildings, and roads are open to the public only during our posted hours.

Please do not bring any weapons to the orchard. The only exception is for law enforcement officers.