Pick a Pretty Pumpkin!

One of the highlights of the fall harvest season is visiting a pumpkin patch — and we have a very sincere one! You could spend hours roaming the whole 15 acres looking for just the right pumpkins for carving, painting, cooking or fall decor. The pumpkin patch is open mid-September through October. Check out the Pick-Your-Own page for dates and hours.



A few of the varieties that we grow are pictured here.  While the Luminas have a ghostly white exterior, their flesh is orange and delicious. Porcelain Dolls are exotic in color and fun for decor — but their deep-orange, sweet flesh can be used for pies, soup, and gourmet culinary delights. Little Cannon Balls ribbing is smoother, making them especially fun to paint — they’re hardy and good for school tours. Our Aladdins are larger and quite popular! You can’t just choose one!

neckPumpkinsYou can squash ’em!

We also grow Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck Squash, a popular 19th century variety that is still grown in many Amish communities. They are sometimes called Neck Pumpkins because of their long, flesh-filled necks. These can reach up to 20-pounds in size! The flesh is deep orange and richly flavored, making them a great candidate for pies, pumpkin butter, soups and more. Shop our country store for gourds and winter squash, too.

Visit our Pinterest boards to see ideas for carving, painting or decorating with pumpkins.
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