Professional Photographers


Karen Paulus
Phone: 717-432-2544

Photo Shoots:

We often receive requests about doing a photo shoot at the farm. Yes, we would love to have you as long as you can follow our requests. There is a $100 fee to use the property which can be refunded in exchange for marketing photos (see below). Photo shoots may be done between 9am and 6pm on Tuesdays-Saturdays or 12pm and 5pm on Sundays in the summer, or between 9am and 6pm on Saturdays and 12pm and 5pm on Sundays in September and October. Photo shoots must be in “open” areas of the farm … meaning the sunflowers or the apple trees that are open for pick-your-own (you may not go into areas or apples rows that are not open). Our guests must be able to get around you (you cannot block off an area of the farm).

If you are inquiring about a summer month, please understand much of the farm is not open and we request all guests stay in “open” areas. Please email Karen for more details.

You must ask permission before moving anything (crates, baskets, pumpkins, etc) for the picture. Everyone in the group must purchase an admission to the Summer/Fall Fun Admission Area *if* you are using this area. People being photographed must purchase any items that they pick from our pick-your-own area.

In return we ask the following:

  • Please complete the form found here: Reservation Form
  • Let us know what date you are coming at least two weeks in advance.
  • We will email you an invoice for the $100 fee. This fee will be refunded if you supply two logo free pictures to us from each photo shoot that show the people enjoying the activities on the orchard that we are free to use for advertising. (In other words we are not looking for close up family shots that do not show anything special about the farm. We’re looking for people enjoying the activities, picking apples and pumpkins, enjoying a wagon ride, etc.) The photos must be emailed within a week of the photo shoot with a signed statement from the people in the photos that we are free to use the pictures.