Blueberry Festival


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Blueberry Festival last weekend. Despite the morning rain and the afternoon heat/humidity we had lots of people and raised quite a bit for CURE, Int. But more on that soon … let’s start at the beginning …

I arrived at the farm about 5:30am and looked at the weather radar. Not what I wanted to see. So I started to pray…and continued praying for the next hour or more non-stop asking for dry weather.

The day re-taught me an important lesson – sometimes a “no” is in your best interest. Nobody wants a no. Ever. We always think we know what is best. And I certainly felt dry weather was what was best…seemed like a no-brainer. I was wrong. That happens a lot….being wrong; you would think I would learn faster. ;-)

Well….you guys are awesome. You came. And got wet. And supported CURE anyhow…the rain didn’t ruin anything. As a matter of fact we ran out of pancake mix, milk, and syrup!! I flew to the grocery store (thank you God for no police officers on the way) to buy more supplies before we were completely out. We sold more tickets at the door than pre-sale tickets. That didn’t make much sense to me…I thought people would look out the window, see the rain, and say “forget it.” But instead we had the largest ticket sales we’ve had yet.

So…that “no” was the right answer. Would you believe the drizzle stopped right when the breakfast stopped?? I fully believe that we would have been in over our heads if we had gorgeous weather. We wouldn’t have had enough supplies or staff. I had reassigned my tractor driver and a few other staff for a few hours to help make pancakes until the rain stopped and we still couldn’t get them out fast enough.

The picture above is just some of the super CURE volunteers who helped make the breakfast a success. You can’t tell, but they’re wet. And smiling. How great are they?

And how great are you for coming! Here’s to everyone that came out! Either in the morning rain or the brutal afternoon heat and humidity. You rock. You helped us raise over $1,000 for my most favorite organization. Have I told you how much I love CURE? Do you have a few hours? I’m actually sending messages back and forth via facebook with a young man in Kenya who was treated at CURE a year or so ago. Every few months he sends me a short message. This week he sent it in Swahili! I had to google for a translation. Haha. Please join me…please take a moment to write an encouraging note to a child in the hospital right now…it will be the highlight of your day. It’s worth it. Go here: and scroll down until you see “Send a Get Well.”

Many thanks! Karen

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